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Whether you are wondering if you are pregnant, or wanting to receive a free pregnancy test, we know it is a sensitive and often stressful time. We provide compassionate support for women and families who may be struggling with challenges related to an unexpected pregnancy and its effect. We are here to answer your questions in a caring and informative manner so that you can make an informed decision.


Pregnancy Test

Are you wondering if you are pregnancy? Book an appointment to make an appointment to pick up your free pregnancy test.  

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Client Support

We believe that you need to make a choice based on what you know is best for you and we want to support you. If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy we are here to support you in a non judgmental way. Contact us to book a support appointment

Our Services

Practical Support

We want to help and our care closet has clothing and baby supplies to help support your families while raising your child.

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Baby Apparel

Prenatal & Parenting Classes

We offer FREE online parenting and prenatal classes. We can help you through the journey of pregnancy, parenting, life skills, and more. For both moms & dads.

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Infant Loss & Grief Support

Are you struggling with the loss of an infant due to miscarriage or still birth? We are here to support you.

We also offer support for women & men who are dealing the emotional difficulties following an abortion. Reach out to see how we can support you. 

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