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Finding out you (or your partner) are pregnant can be a huge shock; you may be feeling anxious and unsure where to turn or what to do next. You might feel alone with a difficult decision to make.

Although you may feel pressure to make a quick decision, it is helpful to give yourself time to explore the options and their implications. Talking to someone who isn’t involved with your situation emotionally can help you look at all the information and your feelings, providing you with the support you need to make the right decision for you.

Some women know right away they want to keep their baby, and some women already have an abortion plan all figured out. The important thing to remember is that this is your choice to make and it doesn’t have to be rushed. You can, and should, take enough time to educate yourself about all your options. The only true choice is a fully informed choice.

At the Pregnancy Support Centre we want to help give you that time; time to be heard and supported by sensitive, non judgemental trained advisors.

The Pregnancy Support Centre of Westman does not provide or assist in arranging for abortions.

She's pregnant now what?

She just told you she’s pregnant and you’re shocked. What do you do now?

Hearing news like this can be overwhelming and scary. You may feel stunned, terrified, even angry. This wasn’t what you had planned.

In a moment like this, it can be really hard to speak rationally and you might find yourself reacting instead of responding. Remember that your initial reaction will have a significant impact on your future relationship. She needs your support now more than ever. She may be the one pregnant, but this involves BOTH of you, and regardless of your relationship in the future, you need to work this out together.

So while you might be tempted to say things you could regret later, this isn’t the time to vent your anger. If you feel like you have already “blown it”, it’s not too late to show her you care.

Focus on trying to understand what might be going on in her head right now. She might be terrified and unsure about what to do next. Encourage her to get information about her options and to speak to someone who understands what’s going on.

What You Need To Know 

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This video provides accurate and evidence-based information on fetal development, abortion procedures and risks involved, pregnancy options for women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy. Our content was reviewed by more than 45 specialized practitioners in Canada, including perinatal nurses, family physicians, obstetricians/gynaecologists, medical ethicists, psychologists and social workers.

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We are often the first step in a woman navigating her pregnancy decision. Although we provide valuable and up-to-date information on pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion.
The Pregnancy Support Centre of Westman does not provide or assist in arranging for abortions. 

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