We are currently not accepting new residents.

A nurturing home, supporting healthy pregnancy and positive parenting.

The Kairos Maternity Home is for pregnant teens and young women in Brandon and surrounding Western Manitoba area.

If you are single, pregnant and lacking support or facing homelessness, consider the nurturing environment at the Kairos Maternity Home. Whether you decide to parent or adopt we will help you along in your journey.


Our caring staff are here supporting your healthy pregnancy and positive parenting. Residents are given the support and opportunity to complete education goals and work towards establishing career plans and job opportunities. Attention will also be given to learning life skills and learning how to care for a child and prepare a safe, independent home.

Residents are able to stay for the duration of their pregnancy and six months following the birth of their baby. Assistance will be offered in seeking and finding housing; the goal is for each resident to find safe, permanent housing when she and her baby move out of the home. (Depending on circumstances mom and baby may need to stay longer than six months and this is determined on an individual basis). Mentoring continues after leaving the home.

Kairos Maternity Home provides a quiet, safe family home
and individualized programming to help residents:

  • Learn independent living skills

  • Learn decision-making skills

  • Receive education counseling and planning support

  • Receive employment and career preparation support

  • Receive emotional and spiritual counseling

  • Learn budgeting and financial planning skills

  • Participate in support groups

  • Connect to community resources

  • Learn child care and parenting skills

You may qualify to live in the Kairos Maternity Home if you:

  • Are between the ages of 16 and 30

  • Have a doctor’s note verifying pregnancy or ultrasound

  • Have little or no support system or are facing homelessness

  • Have no other children in your care

  • Are willing to commit to the Kairos Maternity Home program

Residents will be required to pay a monthly room and board fee to help cover daily living costs. Those that are receiving Income Assistance may have the opportunity to have the fee covered.


A houseparent and other support staff are available to residents 24/7. Kairos  The home functions as a family setting, providing care and compassion to residents and their children.